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GRS and Saubermacher are joining forces, Fotocredit: GRS
20. December 2021

GRS and Saubermacher are joining forces

The GRS Service Company will start into 2022 as a joint venture company of the foundation “Stiftung GRS Batterien", Hamburg and the Saubermacher AG, Graz. Central goal of the venture is the digitization and internationalization of the collection scheme as part of a sustainable recycling economy.

Future-oriented approach

In order to offer efficient and effective solutions for a global circular economy, GRS Batterien and the Saubermacher AG are now jointly promoting the digitization and internationalization of the take-back and recycling of batteries. To this end, Saubermacher AG, which was named the world’s most sustainable waste disposal company for the 4th time in a row, took a 50.1% stake in GRS Service GmbH.

GRS on its way to a digital system platform

“The GRS Service company will become a digital system platform,” says Dr.-Ing. Julia Hobohm, the future managing director of the new joint venture. “With the new “Batt-Box” platform, our users and collection points will be able to quickly and safely meet all take-back obligations according to German legislation.”

GRS take-back systems were the first to be approved from 2022

The GRS Service GmbH was the first collection scheme to receive the approval for its four new take-back systems for portable batteries from Jan 1st, 2022 in Germany. “With our well-established take-back systems for industrial batteries, e.g. in the range of eMobility and stationary storage, we already meet the key requirements of future EU guidelines,” Hobohm adds.

Bundling system and digital competencies

“GRS brings more than 20 years of take-back competence to the new joint venture, which we are now combining with the recycling and digital competence of Saubermacher AG,” says Georgios Chryssos, chairman of “Stiftung GRS Batterien”. “International and digital networks, logistics and recycling competence: these are the best prerequisites for growing together with our partner GRS in an international take-back market,” adds Ralf Mittermayr, CEO of Saubermacher AG.

Competitive neutral center of excellence

“At the same time, we are expanding the GRS Foundation into a competitive neutral center of excellence,” Chryssos continues. “In accordance with its charter, the foundation will continue to operate a non-profit compliance-organization that particularly suits the needs of small and medium-sized manufacturers. Yet, apart from that the foundation will focus on its research and development to improve the take-back and recycling of batteries. Along with the new joint venture, GRS will be able to meet the challenges of a circular economy.”


About GRS Batterien

Founded in 1998, the Foundation “Stiftung GRS Batterien” acted as the official take-back system established by the Federal Environment Ministry. Since January 6th, 2020, the foundation has been acting as a manufacturer’s proprietary collection-scheme in accordance with § 7 of the German Battery Act. As such it continues to adopt the manufacturers’ product responsibility for used batteries. The foundation is a non-profit and non-discriminatory organization that is equally open to all manufacturers. As a previously 100% subsidiary, GRS Service GmbH runs the foundation’s operational business and offers efficient and safe take-back solutions for the sustainable fulfillment of the statutory product responsibility of manufacturers and distributors of industrial and portable batteries.

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