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Benefits for employees

Health and physical activity

Self-management, vaccinations and medical check-ups, smoking cessation, stress management, ergonomics training, etc. – all free of charge


Subsidised meals in the Ecoport canteen and partner restaurants. Fresh fruit daily – free to take.

Free time/family and career

Flexible working hours, home-office opportunities, parental leave breakfast, family days, etc.


Personal mentor when first recruited, continuing education, workshops, coaching and conferences – including during parental leave.


The place to go for fairness in the workplace and the interface between employees and management.

Helping Hands

Help for colleagues in need: coaching, advice, support with contributions, debt advice, medical specialists.

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Health and physical activity

Prevention means care. And because we take it so seriously, our employees can also enjoy a comprehensive healthcare programme, which has been awarded the quality seal for workplace health promotion by GKK Styria. It is the fourth time in succession that we have received the award.

Alongside the occupational health practitioner, our own general practitioner offers special health-focus examinations, including vaccinations, health education and other supporting services to help maintain health: Guided and self-organised exercise programmes, ergonomics training, massages and nutrition and fitness advice. Our employees also have the option of participating in sports events, for which Saubermacher will pay the entry fees.

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Good, healthy food for everyone

For hungry Saubermacher employees we have a canteen, the opportunity to buy a healthy snack or partnerships with catering businesses nearby. At Saubermacher, all employees receive subsidised food – either through direct reductions in menu prices or with vouchers that are accepted by our partners like cash would be.

Fresh, seasonal fruit is available free of charge for all Saubermacher employees.

As a family business, we rely on flexible working time models and offer you the option of a home office.

Family, free time and career

As a family company, family and free time are extremely important to Saubermacher. We support you with flexible working time models, home office options and countless initiatives such as parental leave, free consultancy hours, etc.

Entitled ‘Life values’, we have developed our own ethics guide which helps us all to live and maintain family values. It’s a philosophy that has been awarded the ‘career and family’ quality seal.

Family and work are two important pillars of life. When they complement one another, quality of life improves.

Continuing education with the Saubermacher Academy

Our own Saubermacher Academy gives employees high-quality (continuing) training to help them become and remain the foremost experts in their field.

We run a wide range of seminar programmes so that we can listen to and exchange with one another on topics relating to our professional lives – seminars are run by experts. Competent personnel developers look after individuals and teams and assist with change projects. We place great importance on individual guidance and support. We place great value on you!

You want a job where you can develop yourself further? Perfect! Thanks to our internal academy, we can offer you high-quality training and development.
We offer you numerous opportunities to expand your knowledge and develop yourself further.

Our (continuing) training programme

  • Multi-day special seminars
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Individual coaching
  • Team development workshops
  • Experience-oriented training
  • Supporting study programmes
  • Apprenticeships with Matura
  • Online seminars and coaching
Job satisfaction and job enjoyment are of central importance to us. For fairness, satisfaction and joy in the job, our

Always a listening ear – MyGuides

At Saubermacher, it’s all about togetherness, camaraderie and the coming together to cope with challenges. To ensure greater fairness in the workplace, we have established our own team – MyGuides, which consists of more than 20 volunteer employees who act as the interface between the management team and staff. They have a listening ear for staff concerns and are always quick to find a solution.

Our MyGuides help with internal events for employees, provide special benefits from partner companies and organise breakfasts and barbecue parties. They provide support where they are needed.

Our in-house association supports employees and their immediate families in emergency situations.

We’re strong together – Helping Hands

Our in-house ‘Helping Hands’ association helps employees and their immediate relatives in emergencies. The services of Helping Hands are provided by Saubermacher volunteers, who deal with around 50 cases every year.

Helping Hands support services:

  • Financial aid, e.g. for heating repairs, medical costs, medication for children or wheelchairs.
  • Advice and coaching in difficult situations such as disasters, divorce and separation and death.
  • Support with choosing a medical practitioner for rehabilitation, therapy, operations, etc.
  • Debt counselling finance for employees