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Saubermacher is a responsible organisation and is fully committed to Corporate Social Responsibility. The Saubermacher whistleblower system allows breaches/indiscretions, that may be immoral or illegal, harm professional standards or that are otherwise inconsistent with Saubermacher compliance rules, ethics guidelines or the Hans Roth signposting to be reported anonymously.

An initial report is submitted to an external reporting point (MeineBerater) in order to better safeguard you and your anonymity as a whistleblower. Depending on the case in question, other parties or departments may become involved in the investigations.

You can provide your information digitally (anonymously, directly and in writing via the whistleblower system). You are free to decide whether to report your information anonymously or with your contact details. Please state the company within the Saubermacher Group that your report relates to.

Before making use of the whistleblower system, please check whether you can discuss your concerns with a Saubermacher employee directly.

Questions and answers

No. You do not need to register to submit a report. Our whistleblower system also allows direct communication with the compliance organisation after submitting your report. The system will generate a link and a QR code, which will allow you to communicate and share additional information. Simply save the QR code or link so that you can keep track of your case(s) whenever you need to. There is also a ‘chat’ function that you can use. There is no requirement to register and/or set up a mailbox. At no point will you be required to disclose your contact information.

The reporting party’s information is preset as ‘anonymous’ in the system and can only be generated by the reporting party himself/herself. You are free to choose to submit a report using your contact details at any time. We recommend submitting reports to the whistleblowing service using a private device/network.

The whistleblowing system has not been designed for the submission of general questions and/or personal complaints (such as about the quality of the food in the canteen or missed promotions and pay rises, etc.). You can consult your manager(s) if these issues arise.

The EU Directive on the protection of persons who submit reports of breaches of Union law (the Whistleblowing Directive) grants you, the whistleblower, protection against detrimental treatment from the company, provided that you report justified breaches/misconduct primarily through the company’s internal whistleblower system. Knowingly reporting and/or denigrating colleagues is a breach of compliance rules and may, in some cases, lead to legal consequences.

Data are processed within the scope of the legal possibilities. Please refer to existing data privacy information in this regard. Once the investigation has concluded, all information will be archived for a fixed duration to be determined by the organisation. The whistleblowing system ensures that the data are irrevocably deleted after the end of that duration.

Each notification must be verified and will undergo initial assessment. If it relates to compliance, an investigation will be commenced. In that case, direct communication between you and the compliance organisation is essential and will be carried out through the whistleblower system (through the ‘chat’ function). As a whistleblower, you can choose to receive information about the current status and result of the investigation at any time.