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Saubermacher: It’s all about responsibility
It’s all about
Saubermacher übernimmt Verantwortung für die Zukunft. Unsere Vision ist Zero Waste.
It’s all about
our future
Innovative spirit at Saubermacher: With our own R&D department, we create sustainable solutions for a better future.
It’s all about


Saubermacher is shaping the future of the waste and circular economy. Saving resources and fair for all generations. For people and the environment.

At Saubermacher, the focus is on people and the environment. With its own R&D department, Saubermacher is always pushing new ideas and innovations.
Resource recovery and recycling: sustainability in waste management

Our Vision

Zero waste. 100% circular.

Nowadays, we are able to recover much of the raw and reusable material contained in waste. Our ‘Zero Waste’ vision takes us a step further. In the future, we want to ensure that we recycle everything, with no waste left behind. Zero. Zero point zero. To achieve that, we give one hundred per cent.

Find the perfect job at Saubermacher now and become a valuable member of the Saubermacher family.

»My job offers excitement and variation. I love that fact that what I do every day can make a real difference to environmental protection.«

Michaela Zechner
Responsible for accepting hazardous waste


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Exciting tasks, ambitious objectives and family values. Look forward to coming to work and getting involved. Where family and career are compatible and supported. Welcome to Saubermacher! We live fairness, safety and real opportunities for motivated people. There’s just one thing missing. You.


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Saubermacher Ecoport in Feldkirchen bei Graz ist die moderne Firmenzentrale des Saubermacher Konzerns
Hans Roth vor Ecoport

»Saubermacher was founded with the aim of making a daily contri­bution to an environ­ment worth living in.«

Hans Roth

Hans Roth

Founder. Owner. Visionary.

Together with his wife Margret, Hans Roth has created an international showpiece enterprise and in so doing has won a variety of awards. The environmental pioneer is committed not only to the future of Austrian and European resource management, but to social projects.

About us


21. May 2024
A volunteer removes rubbish with tongs in a heavily littered area in Šar Planina National Park.

Last Whitsun weekend, the country's largest "spring clean" took place for the fourth time in a row in numerous municipalities.

15. May 2024
Ognjen Poljak/3KF, Ilija Špikić, Trgo-Sirovina, Ivan Rezo,/3 KF, Rudolf Horvat, Saubermacher Sloveni-ja, Robert Cajic, Saubermacher Slovenija, Mislav Galić, Saubermacher EKP; Photo (from left to right). Photo rights: Saubermacher Slovenija

Saubermacher acquires around 69 percent of 3KF, a Croatian waste management company.

19. February 2024
Julia Hobohm in an interview considering the changes to the EU Battery Regulation; photo credit GRS Batterien Service GmbH

The Battery Regulation entered into effect on 18 February 2024.

14. February 2024
World Battery Day 2024, e-car battery recycling

In 2023, nearly 40 per cent more electric cars were registered in Austria than in the year before, accounting for 20 per cent of all new registrations.

11. January 2024
A North Macedonian delegation visited the Saubermacher company and engaged in political dialogue with Styrian provincial councillors Amon and Schmiedtbauer at the provincial parliament. Tetovo's mayor Kasami emphasises the importance of cooperation. A milestone for the close partnership between North Macedonia and Styria.

Yesterday, a delegation from Tetovo visited Saubermacher in Feldkirchen bei Graz, the city of Graz itself and regional ministers Werner Amon and Simone Schmiedtbauer at the Landhaus in Graz.

27. November 2023
AI-based used glass collection in Styria optimises logistics processes, reduces CO2 emissions and increases efficiency through precise fill level predictions.

Residents enjoy improved cleanliness while local authorities benefit from better economic and ecological performance: with the "Smart Collection Platform"

16. November 2023
At the end of last week, Saubermacher and the city of Tetovo signed the contract for their public-private partnership (PPP) in North Macedonia. The aim is to improve waste management in the entire catchment area of the municipality, including the introduction of modern environmental standards.

At the end of last week, Saubermacher and the city of Tetovo signed a public-private partnership (PPP) contract in North Macedonia.

10. November 2023
Hans Roth Environmental Award 2023

The eighteenth Hans Roth Environmental Award goes to Julian Aberger of the University of Leoben (Montanuniversität Leoben).

3. October 2023
Construction company PORR, drywall specialist Saint-Gobain (known as the RIGIPS brand) and waste management company Saubermacher are launching Austria's first gypsum-to-plaster recycling plant.

Construction company PORR, drywall specialist Saint-Gobain and waste management company Saubermacher are lined up to launch the first gypsum-to-gypsum recycling plant in Austria.

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