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Saubermacher: It’s all about responsibility
It’s all about
Saubermacher übernimmt Verantwortung für die Zukunft. Unsere Vision ist Zero Waste.
It’s all about
our future
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It’s all about


Saubermacher is shaping the future of the waste and circular economy. Saving resources and fair for all generations. For people and the environment.

Saubermacher Mitarbeitern stehend mit verschränkten Armen lächelt freundlich
Mädchen spielt im Wald

Our Vision

Zero waste. 100% circular.

Nowadays, we are able to recover much of the raw and reusable material contained in waste. Our ‘Zero Waste’ vision takes us a step further. In the future, we want to ensure that we recycle everything, with no waste left behind. Zero. Zero point zero. To achieve that, we give one hundred per cent.

Eine Saubermacher Mitarbeiterin lächelt in die Kamera mit Handschuhe

»My job offers excitement and variation. I love that fact that what I do every day can make a real difference to environmental protection.«

Michaela Zechner
Responsible for accepting hazardous waste


Join our team

Exciting tasks, ambitious objectives and family values. Look forward to coming to work and getting involved. Where family and career are compatible and supported. Welcome to Saubermacher! We live fairness, safety and real opportunities for motivated people. There’s just one thing missing. You.


The best solution
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Saubermacher Ecoport in Feldkirchen bei Graz ist die moderne Firmenzentrale des Saubermacher Konzerns
Hans Roth vor Ecoport

»Saubermacher was founded with the aim of making a daily contri­bution to an environ­ment worth living in.«

Hans Roth

Hans Roth

Founder. Owner. Visionary.

Together with his wife Margret, Hans Roth has created an international showpiece enterprise and in so doing has won a variety of awards. The environmental pioneer is committed not only to the future of Austrian and European resource management, but to social projects.

About us


15. February 2023
Free-of-charge return of old batteries in collection boxes in shops and at waste collection centres

On the occasion of World Battery Day on February 18, Saubermacher, together with partners, is calling for waste separation as a prerequisite for a genuine circular economy.

24. January 2023
The high-tech logistics center is at the cutting edge of technology and thus enables the provision of integrated custom-made services.

Saubermacher Outsourcing manages the warehouse for all raw materials and resources, as well as the production supply for the Henkel factory in Marburg, in Hoče.

23. November 2022
Caroline Roither wins Hans Roth Environmental Award 2022

The award for young scientists was presented for the 17th time. The main prize went to Caroline Roithner/TU Vienna with her work on the evaluation of recycling processes.

28. October 2022
Saubermacher weiterhin Nachhaltigkeitschampion

Saubermacher has again be given a top-three placing in the international rating of GRESB in the category ‘Waste Treatment’. The IMWF Institute has also confirmed the company’s outstanding sustainable commitment to an environment worth living in. Please see the recently published sustainability report for details of the measures on which the sustainability champion scored particularly highly.

15. March 2022
The REDUX-Team. Lithium battery recycling requires specialed workforce. (c) Saubermacher.

Thanks to ongoing development of its lithium-ion battery recycling process, Saubermacher and its subsidiary Redux Recycling GmbH have for the first time achieved a recycling rate for metals of 95%.

16. February 2022
Hans Roth Umweltpreis 2021

How can hazardous fires caused by improperly disposed of batteries at disposal firms be prevented? The question was asked by Dr Thomas Nigl, this year’s winner of the Hans Roth Environmental Award.

20. December 2021
GRS und Saubermacher digitalisieren Rücknahmesysteme

The GRS Service Company will start into 2022 as a joint venture company of the foundation “Stiftung GRS Batterien", Hamburg and the Saubermacher AG, Graz. Central goal of the venture is the digitization and internationalization of the collection scheme as part of a sustainable recycling economy.

19. October 2021
(from left to right): Hans Roth, founder of Saubermacher; Robert Maierhofer, Head of Quality, Safety and Environment; Ralf Mittermayr, CEO of Saubermacher; photo credit: Saubermacher

Saubermacher has been named the world’s most sustainable disposal company in the GRESB rating for the fourth time in a row and has also been awarded a 5-star ranking for its sustainability operations.

7. October 2021
waste glass container with high-tech sensor ANDI, Photo credits: Saubermacher

The Horn and Tulln community associations are capitalising on innovative glass and household waste disposal technologies and making a significant contribution to climate targets.

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