24h environment alarm

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In the event of accidents involving dangerous goods, fire, clogs or leaks of pollutants, our teams are on hand 24/7.

Our services

  • Draining of environmentally harmful fluids
  • Setting up oil barriers
  • Binding and removal of leaked oil
  • Cleaning of streams and green areas
  • Binding agents and secure collection containers provided
  • Removal of flotsam and bulky waste
  • Removal and safe recycling/disposal of all hazardous substances

Your benefits

When certain events occur, protecting the environment is of utmost importance. Unser Einsatzmannschaft unterstützt Sie rasch und flexibel.

  • Rapid assistance from regional teams nearby
  • Safety thanks to professional disposal of all materials
  • Protection of your immediate environment and avoidance of disasters

Environment and oil alarm

+43 (0) 59 800-23334
(Sytria, Carinthia, Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland)

Waste water alarm

+43 (0) 59 800-2333
(Styria, Carinthia)

You want to use our service?

Oil and environment alarm
+43 59 800 - 2333
Stmk · Ktn · W · Nö · Bgld
Wastewater alarm
+43 59 800 - 2333
Stmk · Ktn