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Device & domestic battery recycling

Dispose of device and household batteries with Saubermacher
Whether e-bike, battery-operated drill, robot lawnmower, laptop or computer mouse – batteries deliver energy just about everywhere. But what happens to those batteries when they’re no longer useful? Saubermacher is the market leader in battery recycling and offers tailored solutions for all types of device and domestic battery, including alkali-manganese, zinc-carbon, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion batteries. Private customers can return their old batteries to retailers or collection centres free of charge.

Our services

  • Individual consultation
  • Provision of special-purpose containers for safe storage in businesses, e.g. a container for lithium batteries and containers for mixed domestic batteries.
  • Legally compliant collection and transport that complies with dangerous goods legislation and ADR
  • Sustainable recycling of all device and domestic batteries
  • High recycling rates
  • Ongoing research and development to improve recycling options
  • Transparent and efficient processing via customer portal

Your benefits

Our special-purpose containers allow you to store your batteries safely and prevent hazardous fire incidents. Saubermacher will then take care of proper and sustainable recycling.

  • Decades of experience in batteries and hazardous waste
  • Maximum security of disposal thanks to our own plants or storage and plant complex
  • Highly qualified and experienced specialists
  • Support with official regulations
  • Safety thanks to proper storage
  • A central point of contact
  • Climate protection thanks to high recycling rates, e.g. up to 95% for lithium batteries

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