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In the picture on the left: a clean, modern office space. In the picture on the right: a tidy kindergarten
With our disinfection procedure, we can effectively clean surfaces in offices, schools, vehicle interiors, care homes and more, provide suitable protective equipment and maintain the equipment.

Our services

  • Analysis and recommendations for cleaning and disinfection
  • Problem rectification with, e.g.
    • Atomisation procedures
    • Wipe disinfection
    • Long-term disinfection through application of special coatings
  • Human hygiene: needs-driven provision of disinfectants, stands and masks as well as equipment maintenance

Your benefits

Hygienically clean rooms and surfaces, e.g. door handles, tables, curtains, ventilation grilles, etc., significantly reduce the transmission of viruses, bacteria and germs.

  • Thorough, safe disinfection, including of hard-to-access areas
  • Quick cleaning with no disruption to operations
  • Demonstrable health protection, especially with high footfall
  • Use of disinfectants that are harmless to people and the environment
  • Many years of expertise in facilities
  • Emergency assistance in acute cases

Cold atomisation

This innovative method is used to disinfect surfaces. By evenly distributing the disinfectant around the room, there is no need for the disinfected surfaces to be wiped afterwards.

Atomisation starts once any dirt and contamination have been removed. The fine mist can also clean hard-to-access areas, which would not normally be reached. Its straightforward application means that this procedure can be employed in all interior spaces. The mist can penetrate even the smallest of cracks and is a highly effective way of disinfecting objects without leaving wet residues. The dry mist is pH-neutral, kind to the skin and completely free of incompatible additives. The procedure is even suitable for disinfecting sensitive electronic devices. The atomisation duration depends on the size of the room. The space must be vacated while atomisation is being carried out – after a short acting time followed by thorough ventilation, spaces can return to normal use.

Guideline values for disinfection duration:

  • Meeting hall (approx. 250 m²) approx. 2 – 3 hrs (depending on room height)
  • Class room (approx. 40 m²) approx. 15 min. (room height 3 m)
  • Office building with 50 rooms (approx. 800 m²) approx. 6 hrs (room height 3 m)

Wipe disinfection

The first stage of wipe disinfection is to remove all dirt and contamination from the surfaces. The disinfectant is then carefully applied. Wiping ensures complete wetting of the surfaces being disinfected. During the disinfectant’s acting time, the surfaces are kept moist constantly. Wipe disinfection is suitable for rooms, surfaces and objects with particularly high hygiene standards such as in doctor’s practices, WC facilities, sports facilities and bank branches.

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