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Drain and pipe cleaning

Drain and pipe cleaning
Cooking fat deposits or waste that has been flushed down the sink can cause blockages in drains. At worst, this can lead to overflows. If this happens, every minute counts. Saubermacher provides immediate assistance and professional support. Our specialist equipment and experienced team means we have the optimal solution for every drain problem. Since prevention is better than cure, we also offer precautionary cleaning of pipe and sewage systems.

Our services

  • Professional cleaning, e.g. of
    • Kitchen drains
    • Toilets
    • Sink drains
    • Bathtub drains
    • Shower drains
  • State-of-the-art cleaning as needed
    • High-pressure cleaning
    • Electromechanical cleaning for heavily encrusted or dirty pipelines
    • Suctioning/cleaning of shafts, sewer pipes, infiltration ditches, wastewater, rainwater and drainage pipes, gutters, lifting systems, suspended pipes and downpipes
    • High pressure flushing of underground drainage pipes and connection pipes
  • Removal of deposits and ingrowing roots
  • Final cleaning of sewage pipe after construction and sewer rehabilitations
  • Preventative cleaning of pipes and sewage pipes (maintenance contract)
  • Professional recycling/disposal of all materials

Your benefits

  • Prevention of blockages and the expensive associated damage
  • Protection against odours and vermin
  • Specialist vehicles for every situation, e.g. van with high-pressure flushing equipment for easy access to private homes and underground garages
  • 24/7 emergency service for sewer and pipe blockages
  • Extensive experience and highly qualified specialists
  • All from a single source

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Frequently asked questions

Over time, pipes, drains and sewage pipes can become blocked and may even overflow. To prevent this, pour hot water down your sink so as to dissolve fat deposits. Use chemical cleaners. If nothing works, the Saubermacher emergency service for sewer and pipe blockages is available to assist around the clock.