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Investigation into the recycle capability of products

Prüfung Kreislauffähigkeit von Produkten durch Saubermacher
Designing recyclable products is the key to a truly circular economy. In accordance with our Zero Waste principles, Saubermacher determines the recyclability (circular economy capability) of your product and provides support with sustainable product design. In addition, we also create and implement individual recycling concepts.

Our services

  • Detailed product analysis (material composition)
  • Analysis of the current disposal route
  • Concrete highlighting of improvements in product design
  • Creation of a recovery concept incl. recycling trials
  • Calculation of recovery rate and saved CO2 equivalents
  • Issue of a recycling certificate
  • Ongoing consultancy and continued development

Your benefits

We support your company to help you achieve your sustainability goals. You benefit from independent analysis of the recycle capability of your product as well as specific actions to take.

  • Practical, competent advice, including implementation
  • Decades of experience and extensive specialist knowledge, including own R&D
  • Scientifically based analyses and transparent methods
  • Improved environmental balance
  • Contribute to sustainable development
  • Foster trust/enhance the image of all stakeholders

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