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Investigations of contaminated sites

Professionelle Altlastenerkundung: Wir bieten umfassende Untersuchungen von Böden und Grundwasser auf mögliche Kontaminationen. Vertrauen Sie unserer akkreditierten Inspektionsstelle, um den Zustand Ihres Grundstücks zu überprüfen.
Determining whether a site is contaminated involves testing of soil and ground water for possible contamination. Authorities or sellers/purchasers may require land to be assessed in this way. Our accredited inspection centre (laboratory for the environment and health, or clug) examines soil, soil air and ground water to check for potential contaminants. Contaminated sites are often former industrial sites such as metal or petroleum processing works, filling stations, blow rooms, and chemical industry or gas industry operations. Contaminated areas can decrease the value of a site and entail expensive clean-up measures.

Our services

  • Contaminated site identification including soil survey
  • Waste chemical evacuation assessment (basic characterisation)
  • Calculation of treatment and/or recycling costs
  • Preparation of a clean-up strategy
  • Implementation of clean-up measures

Your benefits

  • Transparency and evidence preservation
  • Budget security when buying sites
  • Avoidance of excessive follow-up costs
  • Advice on possible clean-up measures
  • Accredited and independent testing and inspection
  • All from a single source

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Frequently asked questions

“Contaminated sites are deposits, disused sites, and soil and groundwater bodies contaminated by them, which – on the basis of a risk assessment – pose significant risk to human health or the environment. Contamination resulting from emissions into the air are not within the scope of this Act.” (Art. 2(1) the Remediation of Contaminated Sites Act (ASLAG)

Before you buy a site or a property, check the register of suspected contaminated sites and the register of contaminated sites or contaminated sites map (from the Federal Environment Agency) for any entry that might lead you to suspect contamination. If there is any doubt, buyers can request that sellers undertake a soil survey. This will provide certainty about whether the soil is contaminated. Contaminated areas can decrease the value of a site and entail expensive clean-up measures. Want to know more? Our customer service will be happy to answer your questions.

The costs of a (chemical waste) soil survey, also known as a geotechnical report or subsoil report, depend on the work involved. But if you are in any doubt, it is worth requesting a survey be undertaken, as soil contamination can mean you incur high costs. Our customer service will be happy to put together an individualised quote for you.