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Leak testing

2 Mitarbeiter bei der Dichtheitsprüfung
Saubermacher tests the tightness of ducts, shafts, sludge traps, sumps, oil separators, grease separators, petrol separators and other containers. Rasch, flexibel und zuverlässig.

Our services

  • Sewer leak tightness tests in accordance
    with ÖNORM B2503-2012 and EN 805
  • Leak-tightness tests of
  • pipelines, shafts and containers
  • Underground pressure pipes
  • Gravity sewers
  • Evidence of leak-tightness for new build construction for usage permits, administrative requirements and as preservation of evidence
  • Equipment passed through sewers to locate problems
  • State-of-the-art equipment and highly trained specialist personnel
  • Development and implementation of a clean-up concept

Your benefits

Regular checks and maintenance help to avoid the need for complicated and expensive clean-ups.

  • Costs avoided through prevention
  • Service life extended
  • Blockages prevented, consequential costs avoided
  • Protection against odours and vermin
  • Costs reduced due to lower maintenance requirement
  • Resources conserved through water recycling
  • 24h environment alarm
  • All from a single source

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