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Reusable materials scanner

Garbage truck with waste scanner from Saubermacher
The reusable materials scanner integrated into the refuse collection vehicle uses Artificial Intelligence to identify misthrows in waste. Using a communications platform, clients and residents can have direct feedback on the quality of their separation, reducing misthrows and lowering disposal costs. Saubermacher understands what is important and can support you.

How does the reusable materials scanner work?

A scanner integrated into the refuse collection vehicle analyses the material composition of the surface of the waste, which involves sensors and multi-spectrum cameras checking waste and generating data. A neural network uses this information to identify the material, e.g. glass or plastic. Municipalities then receive the results via the communications portal. The results demonstrate the separation behaviour of each household. Additional function: Residents can receive immediate information on their separation results via SMS or app. Personal feedback is a key factor for success!

Our services

  • Individual consulting services before, during and after introduction
  • A communication concept and support with implementation
  • Support with PR and household information (‘image’)
  • Ongoing practical tips and continued development
  • A complete package: consulting and reusable materials scanner

Your benefits

Saubermacher has long recognised the opportunities that digitisation offers and is a leading player in Waste Intelligence. Together with partners, Saubermacher is developing new solutions to improve processes and workflows, increase efficiency and do justice to social responsibility.

  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Compliance with budget and schedule as well as Change Management
  • Positive image – use of innovative, European solutions for better environmental protection
  • Higher recycling rates thanks to better separation of waste
  • Lower disposal costs due to reduce waste volumes
  • Strict GDPR compliance
  • Important environmental contribution in accordance with the EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan

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