Reusable materials scanner

Mitarbeiter mit Wertstoffscanner
The reusable materials scanner is a technology integrated into the refuse vehicle. It is capable of identifying the qualitative composition of waste and can help households to separate their waste more effectively with direct feedback by SMS or app.

Our services

  • Use of Saubermacher high-tech vehicles
    incl. reusable materials scanner
  • Direct feedback on separation behaviour by SMS or the Daheim app – on a household or community basis
  • Waste detection by means of sensors, multi-spectrum cameras and artificial intelligence
  • A communication concept for local authorities
    and support with its implementation
  • Reliable support with initial information to households and businesses
  • Ongoing reports, figures and heat maps
  • Continuous development

Your benefits

Miss-sorting of waste seriously complicates recycling. If reusable materials end up in residual waste, they are lost forever. The reusable materials scanner and direct feedback to households, which includes separation tips, can really help to improve waste separation in your community.

  • Miss-sorting minimised and recycling of reusable materials increased
  • Separation morale and environmental awareness improved
  • Residual waste quantities reduced,
    associated costs reduced CO2 saved
  • Complete transparency about waste separation behaviour and potential for optimisation and improvement
  • Contribution to an environment
    worth living in (EU circular economy package)
  • A positive impact on the image of the community thanks to home-grown innovative technologies

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