Sewer renovation

Saubermacher repairs pipes using the practical inliner process. No trenches or excavations, clean and quick – saving you time and money.

Our services

  • Situation analysis/TV inspection
  • Thorough cleaning and extraction
  • Milling for stubborn dirt
  • Inliner remediation for leaking pipes
  • Milling and opening of side inlets
  • Timely repairs with short liners
  • Curing using state-of-the-art LED light equipment

Your benefits

Saubermacher inliner remediation is suitable for all waste water pipes, pipelines and material types.

  • Time and cost savings
  • Unrestricted sewer operation while work is being carried out
  • No stemming, trenches or excavation
  • No waste water impairment
  • Improved flow for reduced costs
  • An immediate stop to corrosion, concrete corrosion and consequential damage
  • Service life extended
  • All from a single source

You want to use our service?

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