Smart Containers

Our waste containers equipped with the high-tech sensor known as ‘ANDI’ (an acronym representing the German words automatic, sustainable, digital, innovative) work with the Saubermacher customer/municipality portal to ensure better safety and higher efficiency.

Our services

  • Needs-based containers with integrated high-tech sensors
  • Needs-based automatic emptying, without additional expense
  • Automatic reminders for provision of containers
    (e.g. for households or waste advisors in businesses)
  • Tried-and-tested, state-of-the-art technologies, e.g. level monitoring, IoT transfer technology (penetration of thick basement walls)
  • Versatile additional functions, e.g. temperature increase detection and container movements
  • Trial operation possible, e.g. for communities in a selected area or for business at a single location
  • Automatic report/figure generation
  • Continuous development

Your benefits

Saubermacher’s high-tech sensor ANDI ensures tailored emptying, clean collection points and maximum comfort.

  • Costs minimised thanks to efficiency
  • Time saved thanks to automated processes
  • Higher transparency thanks to accurate billing
  • No overflowing containers
  • Needs-based container sizes and quantities
  • More safety through fire protection

You want to use our service?

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