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Saubermacher opens new recycling plant for refrigeration appliances
26. September 2018

Emission-free and sustainable

The state-of-the-art recovery plant close to the Czech capital Prague employs innovative technology to achieve a recycling rate of 96 per cent and complete recovery of harmful gases containing CFCs and VOCs.

Disused refrigerators, freezers and other refrigeration units are dismantled as part of a two-stage process. The plant processes some 170,000 units every year. Five million Euros were invested in the plant.

Zero Waste.

The new plant was recently commissioned by Rumpold s.r.o., a subsidiary of Saubermacher, in Havlickuv Brod. The central role of the dismantling process is to capture and eliminate environmentally harmful CFCs. At the same time, Saubermacher aims to recover as many secondary raw materials as possible. ‘With a recovery rate of 96 percent, we are well above the EU standard of 85 per cent and fast approaching the 100 per cent mark,’ explains Gerhard Ziehenberger, Chief Technology Officer on the Board of Saubermacher AG. ‘It is remarkable that the proportion of materials recycled is 88 percent,’ adds Hans Roth, founder of Saubermacher. The industry uses the recovered materials, including plastics, iron, aluminium and copper, as raw materials.

Global flagship plant.

The plant processes fifty per cent of refrigeration units on the Czech market and has created twenty new jobs. The first stage in the production processes dries the refrigeration units, sucks the CFC/oil mixture out of the cooling circuit and separates the two components of the mixture in a special heat and pressure treatment process. Compressors, wood and glass parts as well as harmful components are then disassembled. In the second stage, the devices are crushed, the various materials separated from one another and the CFC propellant is removed from the insulating foam. The high
material recycling rate is confirmed by WEEELABEX, a quality certificate.

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