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(from left to right): Hans Roth, founder of Saubermacher; Robert Maierhofer, Head of Quality, Safety and Environment; Ralf Mittermayr, CEO of Saubermacher; photo credit: Saubermacher
19. October 2021

Saubermacher’s position as sustainability world champion re-affirmed

Styrian recycling specialist Saubermacher has been named the world’s most sustainable disposal company in the GRESB rating for the fourth time in a row. As a top company, Saubermacher has also been awarded a 5-star ranking for its sustainability operations.

Saubermacher is the sector leader. Saubermacher received 96 out of a possible 100 points in the sustainability assessment in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) for its commitment in the categories environment, social and corporate governance (ESG). With the highest score amongst all disposal companies worldwide, Saubermacher is the sector leader – the average score amongst participants was 72, with a total of 549 companies taking part. When compared to the year before, improvements were made in terms of reporting.

Independent rating. The American-Dutch institute assesses participating companies to strict criteria, which include corporate governance, corporate policy and their implementation, risk and opportunity management, monitoring and environmental management system, stakeholder management and performance indicators. The assessment criteria are revised annually and adapted to market conditions.

Resource preservation through recycling. ‘Sustainable enterprise is the basis for Saubermacher’s success. With our recycling activities, we contribute significantly to environmental and climate protection every single day. Our repeated success with this distinguished ranking emboldens us to continue with our Zero Waste vision,’ explains Hans Roth, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and founder of Saubermacher AG.

Circular economy for better environmental protection. With its recycling activities, Saubermacher is currently able to save more than 600,000 tonnes of CO2 every year. That is roughly equivalent to the amount that a mixed forest the size of 120,000 football fields can absorb. In addition, Saubermacher has long focused on digital solutions as the key to improving recycling rates and greater customer benefit. Flagship projects include the smart glass collection platform, which is currently undergoing testing in Villach and Horn and the use of reusable materials scanner technology in several Austrian local authorities. The Styrian company now puts its expertise to good use by offering environmental consultation, which is in high demand amongst businesses and institutions.

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