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Contaminated site remediation

Contaminated sites have soil that is contaminated, for example by petrol stations, workshops or industrial operations that stood there in the past. Contaminated site remediation reduces the potential hazard of such sites (decontamination) and enables sustainable use. Saubermacher designs, coordinates and carries out the clean-up of contaminated sites.

Our services

  • Checks for potential soil contamination
  • Waste chemical evaluation
  • Preparation of a soil survey
  • Preparation of a remediation strategy incl. clean-up measures
  • Treatment of groundwater contamination
  • Different remediation options
    • Ex-situ processes: Contaminated material removed and properly disposed of
    • In-situ processes: Contamination is treated on site in the ground

Your benefits

  • Legal certainty
  • Coordination with authorities, e.g. environmental compatibility inspections
  • Competent advice on all areas of environmental analysis
  • Decades of experience and qualified specialist personnel
  • Innovative solutions from our own research and development team
  • Environmentally-friendly, legally-compliant recycling

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Frequently asked questions

The costs of contaminated site remediation depend on the size of the site and the process that is used. The larger the contaminated site, the more expensive remediation will be. If you have questions about contaminated site remediation, our experts will be happy to look at your project on site and provide you with a customised quote. Please contact our customer service team.

Remediation of contamination is is mandatory if it presents any risk to humans, animals or the environment. Remediation measures are divided into three priority classes. If the contaminated area is priority 1, i.e. definitely hazardous, remediation must be undertaken without fail in order to reduce the hazard presented by the soil. Remediation is the responsibility of the site owner.