Disposal of contaminated soil

Mitarbeiterin im Labor
Contaminated soil poses a major hazard to people and the environment. Saubermacher takes soil samples, which are then analysed in our in-house laboratory to support environmentally-friendly recycling of all organic and inorganic pollutants.

Our services

  • Basic characterisation
  • Inspections and soil samples
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Classification and assessment certificate
  • Soil replacement
  • Further treatment and disposal of contaminated soil

Your benefits

  • Accidents or leaking tanks and pipelines can cause pollutants to enter the soil. Saubermacher specialises in environmental analysis, soil replacement and proper disposal of all pollutants.
  • Legal certainty
  • Coordination with authorities
  • Competent advice on all areas of environmental analysis
  • Standardised sampling
  • Decades of experience and qualified specialist personnel
  • All from a single source

You want to use our service?

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