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Electric vehicle battery recycling

Dispose of e-car batteries with Saubermacher.
Is your workshop already equipped for electric vehicles? Are you familiar with the challenges of storage, fire protection, disposal and recycling? With our customised services, you can help ensure that your business is always safe, environmentally friendly and legally compliant. In addition to safety concepts, special-purpose containers and disposal, we also offer support with the legal requirements relating to the handling of electric vehicle batteries. A positive for climate protection: with our strategic partner Redwood, we are already achieving recycling rates of up to 95% for metals.

Our services

  • Provision of UN-approved dangerous goods boxes
    • 120 litre ASP containers for damaged lithium-ion batteries
    • 600 litre Paloxe for undamaged lithium-ion batteries
    • Battery boxes for lithium-ion battery packs
  • Selection of safety containers for electric vehicles that have been involved in an accident
    • With integrated extinguishing tank and fire alarm system
    • With closed or open lid
  • Integration of temperature sensors
    • Temperature measurement in the containers, directly on the vehicle or battery
    • E-mail or SMS alert system to any number of people
    • User-friendly web portal for monitoring and configuration
  • Provision of fire protection products
    • Fire-retardant blankets
    • HV battery safety cabinet
    • Certified heat protection gloves, respiratory and eye protection masks
  • Disposal and recycling of all types of vehicle and traction battery
  • Employee training in the handling of electric vehicle batteries
  • 24/7 emergency hotline

Your benefits

  • Many years of employee experience
  • Knowledge and compliance with legal regulations
  • Quick, straightforward processing
  • Protection against fire and fire incidents
  • Cost predictability with monthly flat-rates
  • 24/7 emergency hotline
  • Outstanding climate protection thanks to high recycling rates, e.g. up to 95% for metals

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Frequently asked questions

In the future, workshops will have to contend with changed workflows and repair processes, innovative tools, amended legislation and other challenges. These will include extension of the operating permit for the take-up of high-voltage activities. The new EU Battery Regulation sets out extended manufacturer responsibility, requiring manufacturers to make provision for requirements including storage, collection and disposal.

Electric vehicle batteries require careful handling and special knowledge, as batteries that are stored incorrectly or damaged can cause fire and thus pose a serious risk. Employee protection and protection of business premises have top priority. The right collection and storage of lithium-ion batteries for passenger vehicles are a significant contributor to safety in workshops and to environmental protection. Proper recycling helps to ensure that valuable raw materials are recovered. The use of secondary raw materials reduces CO2 emissions and protects natural resources.

Following intensive research and development, Saubermacher, working with REDUX Recycling, has been able to develop a proprietary recycling process for electric vehicle batteries. The current owner of Redux, Redwood, subjects the process to continuous development, with the strategic support of Saubermacher.

The recycling plant was constructed in Bremerhaven, Germany, in 2018. Recycling is carried out in three or four steps, depending on the size of the battery – discharge, disassembly, thermal pre-treatment and mechanical treatment. The process combines thermal treatment processes with mechanical separation to achieve optimal results. Battery recycling rates of up to 95 per cent are already beingn achieved for metals. In addition, high-quality active masses containing nickel, cobalt, lithium and copper are produced for processing in hydrometallurgical processes.

We provide UN-approved dangerous goods boxes and special-purpose containers for safe storage of electric vehicle batteries, as well as modules. We can also integrate high-tech sensors that send out an alert if there is a noticeable temperature increase.

  • 120 litre ASP containers for damaged lithium-ion batteries
  • 600 litre Paloxe for undamaged lithium-ion batteries
  • Battery boxes for lithium-ion battery packs
  • Safety containers for electric vehicles that have been involved in an accident

For more information, please contact our customer service.

In view of the elevated risk of fire, extreme caution is required when handling electric vehicles that have been involved in accident. With this in mind, Saubermacher has developed a special-purpose container. If there is a noticeable increase in the temperature of the vehicle battery, or there are signs of a fire, the container is automatically flooded, thereby preventing a fire. The design of the container focuses heavily on sustainability and environmental protection – the closed system means that contaminated extinguishing water can be disposed of safely and easily. Saubermacher can guarantee safety container installation within four hours, anywhere in Austria.

Key data on the high-tech safety container:

  • Dimensions approx. 6.6 x 2.55 x 2.6 m
  • Extinguishing water tank with 7,700 litre capacity
  • Integrated fire alarm system
  • Aggregate space with pump for flooding of the quarantine space
  • The vehicle can be placed into the container using a rope hoist, access ramp or by being lifted in by a crane through the winched lifting roof.
  • Safe extinguishing water disposal with integrated system

In addition to our high-tech safety container with automatic flooding, we also offer other variants, including variants for light commercial vehicles and stationary containers for electric HGVs. The video will tell you more about the features and functions of our safety container.


Electric vehicle battery recycling