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Sewer and pipe cleaning

Jetzt Überschwemmungen und die damit kostenintensive Folgeschäden vorbeugen - Unsere Expertinnen und Experten können auch bei Ihnen eine maßgeschneiderte Lösung im Bereich Kanalreinigung und Rohrreinigung durchführen!
Deposits, ingrowing roots or foreign bodies can lead to blockages in sewers and even result in flooding. The professionals at Saubermacher use state-of-the art techniques to clean sewer systems quickly and thoroughly. This enables you to prevent expensive damage. Regular maintenance also extends the service life of sewer systems. Saubermacher provides needs-focused, legally compliant and environmentally friendly sewer cleaning and pipe cleaning solutions, including high-pressure cleaning and recycling of flushed-out waste material.

Our services

  • High-pressure cleaning of sewer systems and special buildings
  • TV (camera) inspection and leak testing
  • Innovative equipment, such as electromechanical pipe-cleaning machinery for building pipework and downpipes
  • Aquadynamic cleaning of dirt, rainwater and drain pipes, suction cleaning of rainwater gulleys, infiltration ditches and pumping stations
  • Sewer cleaning after construction of residential blocks and detached houses and after sewer renovations
  • Preventative sewer cleaning (maintenance contract)
  • Removal of deposits and ingrowing roots (specialist cutters)
  • Professional recycling and disposal of cleared material

Your benefits

  • Longer service life
  • Wastewater disposal infrastructure upgraded
  • Preventative action avoids extra costs
  • Blockages prevented
  • Protection against odours and vermin
  • Water recycling saves on resources
  • 24/7 emergency service for sewer and pipe blockages
  • All from a single source

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Frequently asked questions

A flushing hose with a jet nozzle is inserted into the main sewer. The water pressure from the cleaning nozzle removes deposits. When the hose is pulled out, dirt is sucked in. There are also specialised attachments, such as chain-spinning heads, which clean heavily soiled lines.

The costs of sewer cleaning are calculated on the basis of hours worked (management). In the event of additional expenses due to heavy soiling or deposits, costs will increase. We will be happy to provide you with an individualised, transparent quote. Did you know that sewer cleaning costs might be covered by your insurance? For more information please contact our customer service team.

We work with specialist equipment and innovative vehicles. The water recycling system in our sewer flushing trucks enables us to reuse water multiple times, saving 1,320,000 litres of drinking water per day.

While municipalities and wastewater associations are responsible for the maintenance of the public sewer network, private homeowners or businesses must maintain their own connections to the main sewer. In order to avoid expensive damage, for example moisture damage, damage to the floor or mould, your domestic sewer system should be inspected every five years and cleaned if necessary.