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Saubermacher opens logistics centre in Hoče
24. January 2023

Saubermacher opens logistics centre in Hoče

Competent teams, state-of-the-art technology, environmentally responsible equipment and digitised processes help to ensure seamless workflows in the newly completed high-tech warehouse. Saubermacher Outsourcing, a Saubermacher AG company, has been managing the warehouse since the end of last year. The warehouse accommodates all raw and other materials as well as production supply for the Henkel plant in Marburg. The company rents a third of the centre’s 30,000 square metres and has created 30 new jobs in the region as a result.

The right place at the right time. The high-tech logistics centre is state of the art, enabling the provision of integrated, bespoke services. A needs-based warehouse management system has been developed specially to meet Henkel’s requirements. Its production plant in Marburg is the second largest such plant in the world for cosmetic products. Sustainability is a very important feature of the plant, which uses innovative lifting technology and electric stacker trucks to move between 600 and 800 pallets per day in the most environmentally responsible, just-in-time manner possible. The strategically beneficial location creates additional benefits. ‘Henkel Maribor has been an integral part of the industrial landscape in Maribor and the surrounding area for decades. Over the years, the company has grown with the town, and as we have expanded to markets in Europe and beyond, the need has arisen for a modern logistics centre with the capability to properly support our high-capacity production and as an important cornerstone for the company’s further investment in development, automation, digitisation, efficient and sustainable solutions. Thanks to the right strategic vision, which we share with our partner Saubermacher Outsourcing, we now have a state-of-the-art logistics centre, which is undoubtedly the precursor to a new, modern era of logistics services in our region, and will open the door to a smart, technologically advanced future of production,’ explains Christof Vollstedt, Production Manager at Henkel Europe and Gregor Majcen, Managing Director at Henkel Maribor.

30 newly recruited employees work in two-shift patterns to safeguard supplies to the production process at the Henkel plant. The investment volume for the coming six years is forecast to be around five million Euros. ‘I am very proud of what we have achieved and it makes me very happy that we are able to boost our commitment in Slovenia, which began with waste disposal in 1989 in Lenart and Murska Sobota, and now employs 450 people, and to add value in the region. I’d like to thank our partners, Henkel and Go Asset as well as the Hoče local authority, for the positive and trustful collaboration,’ explains Hans Roth, Founder of Saubermacher. Cooperation between the two established companies, Henkel and Saubermacher Outsourcing, was agreed six years ago.

Saubermacher opens logistics centre in Hoče
(left to right) Matej Blažič, Managing Director at Saubermacher Outsourcing; Hans Roth, Founder of Saubermacher; Gregor Majcen, Managing Director at Henkel Maribor. Photo rights: mediaspeed.net

Individual full-service logistics. The storage area used by Henkel covers 10,000 square metres, which is enough for around 20,000 pallets. The new logistics centre came about in cooperation with Austrian investor GO ASSET Development, which develops sustainable logistics projects in Austria, Slovenia and Slovakia. ‘Completion of this projects is an important boost to the service portfolio of Saubermacher Outsourcing in Slovenia, which already includes cleaning, internal operational logistics and waste disposal,’ explains Matej Blažič, Managing Director at Saubermacher Outsourcing, of the successful start. Saubermacher Outsourcing’s goal is to further tap the Slovenian market, relying on bespoke services, sustainability and innovative digital solutions for efficiency and transparency at the press of a button. In addition, Saubermacher is also a multifaceted local service provider, with its core business areas of waste disposal for households and local authorities with PPP models, as well as for commerce and industry, plus for hazardous waste disposal with approved storage facilities.

Social responsibility. Saubermacher Outsourcing is aware of its social responsibility and always strives to be a good neighbour. A collection was held at the ceremonial opening, which took place last Friday afternoon in the presence of representatives from Austria and Slovenia. Donations will go to organisations including Hoče-Slivnica volunteer fire service and local clubs.

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