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Oil separator cleaning

Regular cleaning maximises the functionality and service life of your oil separator system. Saubermacher maintains and cleans all parts for you, ensuring that your system continues to run smoothly, even under the toughest of conditions. Tip: Our fixed price Saubermacher worry-free package includes all the services you need to fulfil your responsibilities and ensure that your system operates correctly.

Climate change is increasingly causing extreme weather events such as heavy rainfall, flooding and so on. It is especially important that your oil separator system is fully functional at all times. As the owner of the system, you are responsible – and liable – for it.

There are different types of light liquid separator, e.g. grease separators, oil separators, petrol separators and mineral oil separators. Their functionality is the same across the board – light liquids, such as oils, are separated from waste water through a process of floating and retention.

Our services

  • Professional cleaning of all separator parts
  • Certified maintenance of the oil separator (every six months as required by law) including legally recognised sampling, waste water analysis and documentation
    • Oil layer thickness and sludge level measurements
    • Automatic closure check
    • Filter permeability inspection
    • Check of existing maintenance log/receipt of new log
  • Professional general inspection of the system by certified experts (every five years as required by law)
  • Environmentally-friendly treatment and recycling of waste
  • Worry-free oil separator package for a fixed price
    • Monthly self-checks in accordance with maintenance manual
      • Check of automatic closing mechanisms (floats)
      • Measurement of sludge level
      • Measurement of thickness of oil layer
      • Completion of maintenance log
    • Oil separator/sand trap cleaning as necessary
    • Removal of any waste as necessary
    • Transport to and from site, weighing fees and consignment note fees

Your benefits

  • Functional capacity and life cycle maximised
  • Legally compliant and technically secure plant operation
  • Costs minimised thanks to competent advice and expertise
  • Security thanks to documentation of all maintenance and cleaning processes in the maintenance log.
  • Skilled workers with extensive expertise
  • Legally recognised waste water analysis and sampling
  • Individual services in a worry-free package for a fixed price

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Frequently asked questions

Authorities and experts check the functional efficiency of the separation systems in accordance with the Water Act, the Indirect Discharger Regulation and the Direct Discharger Regulation. Saubermacher recommends carrying out cleaning at least once annually. Systems that undergo regular cleaning are a guarantee of functional efficiency.

In accordance with ÖNORM EN 858-2, oil separator systems must be checked at six-monthly intervals by a competent person. The scope of maintenance includes the sludge trap, the separator itself and the sampling shaft.

The following legal regulations govern the maintenance of light liquid separators and/or separator systems:

A monthly check of the separator system must be carried out and recorded in the maintenance log. This can be done by the system owner or be outsourced to Saubermacher’s worry-free package.

In accordance with ÖNORM 858-2, maintenance must be carried out every six months and a general inspection of the separator must be performed every five years.

Regulation Sheet 33 of the ÖWAV also prescribes third-party monitoring every two years at a minimum. In accordance with the indirect discharger contract, third-party monitoring must be carried out annually.

Faecal matter is not permitted in an oil separator system, nor is waste water containing organic fats or uncontaminated rain water. Only waste water that can contain light liquids is permitted in an oil separator.

Oil separators or general light liquid separators are used with contaminated waste water containing mineral-based oils. These light liquids include heating oil, petrol, diesel and lubricating oils. Separators prevent these oils from entering the ground water and sewer system. As an example, washing plants and facilities must be fitted with an oil separator.

In accordance with DIN EN 1825 and DIN 4040, grease separators are required for the retention of waste water that is contaminated with greases and oils. Grease separators are prescribed for the following operations:

  • Catering
  • Hotels
  • Soap plants
  • Oil mills
  • Abattoirs
  • Food processing

Are you looking to carry out grease separator cleaning or dispose of the contents of your grease separator? Our customer service team would be happy to hear from you.