Laboratory services

The accredited chemical laboratory for the environment and health (clug) offers full environmental analysis services and is your reliable partner for sampling and independent chemical analysis.

Our services

  • Standardised sampling and chemical analysis of solid and liquid substances
  • Chemical waste assessment in accordance with landfill regulations
  • Identity checks as part of receiving inspections for landfill owners
  • Seepage investigations
  • Waste assessment in accordance with waste registry and classification regulations
  • Waste assessment in accordance with waste incineration regulations for solid and liquid waste
  • Soil water, groundwater and waste water investigations
  • Compost and sewage sludge analysis
  • Contaminated site and subsoil investigations
  • Basic characterisation of excavated material
  • Investigations of pollutants and impurities

Your benefits

Our laboratory supports municipalities, industry and business, technical offices and private customers through all process steps involved in quality assured analysis.

  • Highly qualified and experienced specialists
  • Expert advice for environmental analysis
  • Independent chemical analyses
  • State-of-the-art analysis equipment
  • Comprehensive range of services
  • Legally-compliant, sustainable execution

You want to use our service?

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